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Smallville: Runaway (Little, Brown and Company)

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If you've ever had one of those days where nothing goes right and it seems like the entire world — even your closest friends — is against you, then you know how Clark Kent feels. There's only one thing he can think to do: leave his family, friends, and home in Smallville and try to make a new life in Metropolis. In the big city, Clark finds a band of other runaways, including a girl who seems to have powers as mysterious as his own: She senses his secrets and somehow knows that he's different from anyone else in this world. And even though Clark thinks he's left his troubles behind, his presence in Metropolis starts a chain of events that could lead to more danger than even he can handle.
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Smallville: Runaway
Автор: Suzan Colon
Год: 2004
Страниц: 208
Издатель: Little, Brown and Company
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