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In Touch 1 Workbook (Pearson)

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The three-level course that's in touch with young learners! Four fantastic unit themes in each cycle put students in touch with new friends and experiences. Real-life situations. Stories. Cartoons. Unique In Touch Club magazine for English language learners. Thorough and efective language learning. A structural syllabus with grammar reference in each unit ensures that students get a solid foundation in English. Songs, chants, projects and games keep students interested all year. Clear lesson objectives and unit structure make In Touch very easy to teach. Skills Special units provide a unique step-by-step approach which really teaches reading, writing, listening and speaking. Regular Revision units — including a Use of English section ensure students never forget what they've learnt. Tips for English learners and Be carefull boxes make students better learners and better users of English. The Students' CD provides thorough consolidation of listening outside the classroom.
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In Touch 1 Workbook
Автор: Date Olivia
Год: 2001
Страниц: 96
Издатель: Pearson
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