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Powerbase: Beginner. Course Book (Pearson)

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International English for working adults. This new short course has been specially written for adults who need low-level English for work, travel and everyday situations. With Powerbase, they can: — start speaking immediately with clear, structured speaking activities in every lesson; — learn everyday phrases and over 350 key words used in work, travel and socialising; — gain a thorough understanding of the essential grammar needed for practical tasks; — practise essential listening and pronunciation skills. Powerbase is designed to be flexible. The 30 double-page lessons plus five review units can be extended with additional activities and photocopiable pages from the Teacher's Book. The Powerbase series provides excellent preparation for other general or business English courses, such as Powerhouse. Each level of the course includes a Coursebook, a Teacher's Book, a Study Book and cassettes/audio CDs.
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Powerbase: Beginner. Course Book
Автор: Evans David
Год: 2008
Страниц: 104
Издатель: Pearson
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