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Ada Or Ardor (Penguin Group)

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Written in mischievous and magically flowing prose, Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle — Nabokov's other great love story — offers even more sexual and imaginative surprises than Lolita. A romance that follows Ada from her first childhood meeting with Van on his uncle's country estate, in a 'dream-bright' America, through eighty years of rapture, Nabokov's 'longest, richest, most ambitious novel' also becomes, as Brian Boyd says, a great many other things: 'myth, fairy tale, utopian idyll, family chronicle, personal memoir, historical romance, erotic catalogue ... picture gallery and filmic folly'.
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Ada Or Ardor
Автор: Nabokov Vladimir
Жанр:Penguin Group
Год: 2011
Страниц: 497
Издатель: Penguin Group
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