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Don't Eat This Book (Penguin Group)

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A tongue-in-cheek — and burger in hand — look at the legal, financial and physical costs of our hunger for fast food, by the funniest and most incisive new voice since Michael Moore. Can a man live on fast food alone? Morgan Spurlock tried. For thirty days he ate nothing but three 'square' meals a day from McDonald's as part of an investigation into the effects of fast food on our health. Don't Eat This Book gives the full background story to the experiment that so captivated audiences around the world in the documentary Super Size Me, and explores in further depth the connections between the rise of fast food and obesity. In this groundbreaking and hilarious book of epic portions, Morgan Spurlock lays bare the devastating facts for all to see
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Don't Eat This Book
Автор: Spurlock Morgan
Жанр:Penguin Group
Страниц: 320
Издатель: Penguin Group
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